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The Rivertones 2016 Learn to Sing

8-week singing course for men

Held 21st Jan - 10th March at the Taunton Academy

Supported by a national music education charity, our course is designed to encourage more men to sing. Designed for both young or old newcomers to singing,  or for those who maybe haven’t sung for a while - and also for singers who would simply enjoy the fun of singing a little barbershop harmony. Our course is for all men who would like to sing.

During the course we took a look at all the various aspects of singing craft that add to a good individual and group vocal performance.

Along the way, we learnt three songs - and at least part of a fourth -

. . . whilst  enjoying an entertaining and instructive course with a large group of very sociable blokes. Thanks Chaps. It was a blast.

“Allowing ordinary singers to do extraordinary things”

The Rivertones ‘Learn to Sing’ courses are extremely popular. Run every 2-3 years since 2003, this is our fifth. Originally devised by Taunton’s Rivertones Chorus, the formula has been successfully adopted by men’s and women’s choruses and choirs across the UK.

The principle aim of our ‘Learn to Sing’ courses is to offer men in the Somerset / East Devon region, with either limited or no previous singing experience, the opportunity to do so. The appeal is also to those more experienced singers who might want to try our brand of acapella harmony. These courses provide enormous fun for us, too. So win/win all round!

The Rivertones Chorus

Over 40 men successfully completed this fun introduction to singing

Sing your way into 2016

On Thurs 3rd March Linda Corcoran, Director of the UK Chorus Champions, The Great Western Chorus, and international singing coach, paid a visit to Taunton to help put the finishing touches to our successful course.

This was to prepare the way for our ‘end-of-term’ mini-concert and social event, being held at the Academy on Thurs 10th  March, when partners and friends are invited to come along to see what their men have achieved.

This event will mark the end of our course and - hopefully - a renewed interest in singing for our LtS guests.

What ‘Learn to Sing’ is all about . . .

Click one of the buttons to choose a voice-part to a simple line of music.

The part is dominant in the right channel of your speaker or headphone.

Sing along until confident then try it out in quartet -


Here is what some of our guests had to say about our course . . .

. . . have a go now - it’s easy!

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We are all members of the

British Association of Barbershop Singers

“I firmly believe that singing together is for everyone to enjoy, and there is a wealth of opportunities to enjoy in the UK. ‘Learn to Sing’ is a start of the process.

The Rivertones sing barbershop harmony. If it could be what you would like to do also, then come and talk to us.”

Peter Gover,

Chorus Director

Peter Gover

“I just wanted to say many sincere thanks to one and all for the preparation, delivery and warm welcome last night. The sessions exceeded my expectations in all aspects. I have been humming all day.”

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Try it for yourself . . .